Presented by:
Daniel Clark

Effects Provided by:
AM Pyrotechnics

Display Operator:
Fire In the Sky

Crackerjacks Fireworks Club


On July 15th, 2006 the forces of the pyrotechnic universe converged to present an experience of light, fire and sound known as "The Great Gig in the Sky".

Featuring the best pyrotechnic effects from Italy, Japan, Spain, and China.

The music score will take you back to the 70's and will include artists such as
The Who, Pink Floyd, Boston and Walter Murphy.

Pyromusical controlled using the SmartFire Pyrotechnic Display System.

As a courtesy to the club members, this display is being funded fully by the sponsors and host.  Please encourage such funding by considering "AM Pyrotechnics" and "Fire In the Sky" to fulfill your pyrotechnic addictions.

Click here to see the video of the actual show

Please call Danny at 410-551-4874 or email if you have any questions.

Am Pyrotechnics is the importer and wholesaler of extremely high-end display effects from around the world.  Products available from Italy's La Rosa, Spain's Caballer, Japan's Santai, and China's An Ping and Lidu.  In 2006, AM Pyrotechnics has been honored with the closing shows at both the Western Winter Blast and the Pyrotechnics Guild International.  If you are interested in buying AM Pyro effects, please read this information.

Fire in the Sky is a Virginia-based display company specializing in electrically fired displays using the best effects available.

Crackerjacks is the oldest and one of the largest fireworks clubs in the United States.

Danny Clark is the choreographer of such shows as "Phantom", "ForePlay", "Big Daddy 2004", and "In the Air".

A big thanks to Ted Tiller (, Larry Maske (, John Kemps (, and Bill Bahr for additional donations to the show.