AM Pyrotechnics is the importer and wholesaler of extremely high-end effects.  In fact, it is my opinion that they literally have the best pyrotechnics in the country.  I highly encourage club members to buy their products to display at the club and other events.  Purchase information is below:
AM Pyro is organized to sell whole cases of effects in wholesale quantities.  With the exception of some assortments, this means that you must buy a full case of the same effect.  If you are ready to purchase more than $4000 worth of product AND ready to buy in full cases, then we encourage you to contact Aaron Mayfield directly.  His contact information is on his website at  Keep in mind that you will also have a minimum transportation cost of $2000 to get the fireworks from Missouri to the East Coast.

Fire in the Sky in Virginia is an AM Pyro distributor and therefore stocks the most popular effects of the AM Pyro product line.  Unlike AM Pyro, Fire in the Sky does not require you to buy a full case of the same effect, nor do they have a minimum order.  Products can be picked up at the Virginia office or can be delivered to most Crackerjack's events.  Their contact info is available at

When buying Class B products from AM Pyrotechnics or Fire in the Sky, you need to have an ATF license.  Proper transportation and storage is your responsibility.