Ron Silva Jr. and Daniel Clark present

the pyromusical story of a mysterious chandelier

reportedly from the famous Paris Opera House circa 1870

"We hope you enjoy our little . . . Illumination"

"Phantom" is a small venue pyromusical that uses over 1000 pyrotechnic effects including comets, shells, mines, girandolas and fountains. The musical score is a compilation of sounds from the original cast of "Phantom of the Opera"

Phantom was the winner of the display competition at the 2005 Pyrotechnics Guild International.  Team consisted of Joshua Hengen, Pete Hengen, Joe May, Mike Kauzlarich, Joe Domanico, George Stewart, Bernie Woodard, Graylin Presbury, John Miller, Jimmy Martyniak, Ron Silva Jr. and Daniel Clark.

Phantom also won first place at the display competition in Fredericksburg, Virginia in May 2005. A big thanks to the crew: Ron Silva Jr., Daniel Clark, Ron McLain, Bill Turner, Mark Swain, Danny Yochelson, Wayne Bringazi, and Joey Gargaro.

Phantom's next appearance will be in Virginia this fall presenting for Skylighter.

A special thanks to Pyromate firing systems for their ongoing support.

"Phantom" is currently available for your venue via "Fire in the Sky" Pyrotechnics. To schedule, call (703) 494-2828.

For questions regarding choreography, lighting, music, or product choice, you can contact the Phantom team at